Corporate Locksmiths Pty. Ltd.

Our Difference

We believe in great service. We constantly challenge the status quo in search of how we can leave our customers not just happy, but blown away!

You’re kept in the loop

Receive reminders about upcoming bookings and SMS’s when our techs are on the way, with an estimated arrival time.

Reliable service

With advanced scheduling management, appointment reminders and automated navigation, our staff arrive on time, every time.

Faster response

We know where our staff are at all times, so we can send the closest technician to you, meaning exceptional response times.

Tell us once and we’ll remember

We keep an individual diary about each customer, so if you ask us to shut the gate to stop Fitzy from getting out, we won’t forget.

Job records

All correspondence, contact details, job requirements and photos are saved against your job. We know what stage every job is at, so no jobs slip through the cracks.

Faster quotes

We strive to quote as quickly as possible, and in many cases we’ll be able to give you an instant quote on-site.

Best Practice

A comprehensive compliance system ensures that we comply with our industry requirements and best practice processes, as well as any special on-site requirements you may have.

We’re green

Quotes, invoices and work orders are all created and stored electronically, cutting our paper usage drastically.